Let's Solarize Our Future


dreamer solar

Solar energy it not only it is energy and is renewable energy. The resource is abundance not only can be free use but also does not need to transport to the environment it does not have any pollution. The solar energy is also set with two main defect: the energy current density low; it bear intensity variety of factors season climate and so on the ground point does not affect can keep constant. The large defect that greatly limiting the solar energy efficient utilization of. To the development of modern of solar energy by using the daily widely it comprises solar energy photo-thermal using solar energy photoelectric and use of solar energy light chemical and so on using. And flat heat collector as the invention claims a high efficient solar light using the element to several years of development is fast.


This project is fabrication of solar power drilling machine which shows capability of drilling other than old. Other than that, it is important to studies on pneumatic for drilling which are the main topic for this project. So, at the end of this project, we will practicing on how to build and steps to follow to complete the requirement for this project.